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Elevator Pitch!

Sterling Lanier
CEO, TurnKey

Just wanted to grab you real quick before you get too far down the page. 

We started TurnKey for two reasons: to help innovative software companies get amazing development talent, and to help amazing talent create meaningful careers.

Here’s how TurnKey accelerates your career:

This isn’t outsourcing: you are a deeply integrated part of a real product development team.

Your voice matters: you have direct influence on the product direction.

Unique opportunities: you will work inside a well-capitalized, high growth American tech company.

So come join the TurnKey club.
We promise you won’t regret it!

Perks & Benefits of
Being a TurnKey Member

Competitive salary

High end computer

Stock options (where available)

Payment in U.S. Dollars

Advanced English lessons

Mental health & Wellbeing programs

Flexible working hours & remote friendly

Paid vacation & sick leave

Health Insurance

100% dedicated to one client

Professional training & education

Financial Literacy & Investment Education

TurnKey By the Numbers:

Amount of Venture Capital Raised Across Our Customer Base

Annual Retention Rate of our Developers (Industry Average = 60%)

Average Increase in Product Development Velocity

Open positions

Here is our typical
recruiting process

We make it easy and never leave you in the dark.

Apply for a job

We've got the best roles!

Zoom Call

with HR

Skills Test

(If and where applicable)

First Interview

With Hiring Manager

Second Interview

With Direct Manager


With Direct Manager

Hire & Onboarding

You are off to the races!

Be part of something bigger

With TurnKey, you’ll always have a direct impact on your product team and the product roadmap.

Working for R1 has given me tons of opportunities for growth that I wouldn’t otherwise have. And I love being part of a team where I can make a difference everyday in building awesome software that is built to last.


Backend Engineer

Being part of a fast growing company is the best motivation I can ask for. We’ve doubled our customer base since I started, in no small part because every idea that our team has is seriously evaluated.


Head of Product

Working at MiResource to improve mental health gives me a sense of purpose that I’ve never felt working at other companies. Every day brings a new challenge from scaling the tech to scaling the org to support our growth.


iOS developer

Working directly with a founder to solve a critical business problem has given me the freedom to fully utilize all of my creativity and technical skills.


Tech lead

Our clients are redefining innovation

Standard customer profile:

  • Teams of 3+ developers (scaling fast)
  • U.S.-based, high growth software companies with professional investment from venture capital or private equity firms
  • Experienced leadership
  • Fast recruitment process
  • Minimal bureaucracy
  • Fully remote
  • You are an integrated part of the team – you play a critical role!

Just a few of our customers…

Together we’ll go far

We only work with customers and people that share TurnKey’s core values.

Building world-class software is always the top priority

Collaboration is how you win

Work with people you respect and respect you

Work on something that matters

Act with honesty and transparency

Make a meaningful impact

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